Sharks With Lipstick

Sharks With Lipstick

Freshly back from Europe with a new job, Samantha Svensson (Sven) reconnects with her old friends while managing a new role within the Big Super Ministry – where everyone is busy playing their own internal political games.

After the HR Director ends up dead on the same train that Sven was on, suspicions abound, not least from the chief investigating police officer, Charlie Rogers, who happens to be her ex and is still incredibly damned hot!

With Wellington still reeling after a recent big earthquake, Sven must use all her canny resourcefulness to clear her name and identify the killer within their midst.

Sharks With Lipstick is Book One in the Trinity Trilogy

Also available, Book Two - Snakes In Suits and Book Three - Scorpions In Stilettos



Karen Chisholm of Austcrime had this to say:

'Firmly on the madcap side of satirical romantic mystery, SHARKS WITH LIPSTICK is often extremely funny...This is flagged as the first book in the Trinity Trilogy and it feels like Sven has more than enough chutzpah to carry that off.'

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