If your only crime was to be different, what would you do when a knock at the door shattered your world? This is the Nathanial Paquette’s reality, and it is about to become deadly.

For twenty-three years Nathanial has lived in humanities last city, a refuge high in the Swiss Alps. Shielded from who he really is, Nathanial has grown up in the safety of family and a society sheltered from the ravages of the Fall. 

Now be must face the unexpected truth – he is genetically altered.

Together with eleven others, he must survive the rigorous training he and his fellow recruits are faced with. It is a world of competing agendas of a ruling council and a man of science, where friendships are forged, enemies are made, and death awaits – ever wanting to become everyone’s new best friend.

The question is; when will it be Nathanial’s turn?

Concealment – book one of the Engelberg Records, a six-part series by MW Innes-Jones, which follows Nathanial and his fellow internees through a world of deception and lies. Where the dark underbelly of power and science meet, threatening at every turn.


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