Sea Shanties & Shipwrecks - By Hinemura Ellison

Sea Shanties & Shipwrecks - By Hinemura Ellison

8th October 2021

What becomes of shipwrecks? As a child did you used to explore the seaside? And intrigued by what you found. In the North Island on the edge of the Kāpiti Coast we used to pretend we were Rose and Jack from 'Titanic' and stand on the bow of a local shipwreck and dream of faraway lands.

Ships and shipwrecks have always been a point of fascination

I cannot find a valid explanation

Learning about the history of ships that sail no more

The majority of them swept up on rocks or ashore


Like the 'Wahine' on April 10, 1968

Can you remember that fateful date?

In Wellington harbour she finished her days

In the early hours near Seatoun, along the bays

Then there was the ‘Hydrabad’ on her way from Adelaide

Becoming a victim of a shipwreck raid

This sailing ship on a stormy voyage

With a couple of crew, wives and civies on this passage

On her way to a destination

But nature had her intervention

Heading up the Kāpiti Coast

With Captain Homewood playing host

The strong winds pushed her in

The poor ship out of control, on a spin

Landing on a sandy bank

The hull hitting the sandbar with a clank

They tried to refloat her, they gave it a crack

To get the sailing ship back on track

But alas the winds were far too strong

The weather conditions for sailing were completely wrong

She had now beached herself too close to shore

Her days at sea were no more

All the escapades of refloating her taken in by local folk

Anything of value, the vandals went for broke

Today over a century later there she lays

Buried beneath the sand where no one plays

But back in the days as a child

I played on her, running wild

Climbing over her broken mast

Happy memories of the past

Standing up the front with arms out wide

Down in the ships cabin we would play and hide

Walking along the old beams from starboard

Then 1, 2, 3 jump, now over board

She used to protrude high out of the sand

For miles down the beach, you could see her stand

That was the days before Health and Safety came into play

When you could run havoc, night and day

Childhood memories of being shipwrecked out at sea

Adventures and innocent fun and home by tea

Make sure you hold onto those memories and relive those days

Happy times playing at the beach and around the bays

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