Book Release - M.W. Innes-Jones - Concealment

Book Release - M.W. Innes-Jones - Concealment

27th July 2018

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we announce the release of M.W. Innes-Jones' first novel "Concealment".

M.W. Innes-Jones has spent over twenty years working in the medical and pharmaceutical industries undertaking some interesting roles, including IT delivery. When he isn’t doing this, he writes. Along the way he has survived a 9.1 earthquake, lived in the Rocky Mountains, scuba-dived the Pacific, swam an Ironman or two, visited St Catherine’s Monastery and skied in the Alps – a lot. CONCEALMENT is his debut novel and is the first of a series of six. The next in the series he is busy moulding into form; look for this instalment, planned to be out within the next year.

Three centuries from now humanity has made its last stand ­– a city high in the Swiss Alps, a place of safety and security from a deadly past. This is the reality of Nathanial Paquette’s life and it has been this way for the whole of his sheltered twenty-one years. But with a knock at the family’s apartment door everything changes. Now he must face an uncertain future and unexpected truth – he is genetically altered, and what really matters is what lies hidden within his blood.

Together with eleven others, Paquette finds not only does he have to navigate the competing agendas of the city’s ruling council and a corrupt man of science, but survive the rigorous training he and his fellow recruits find themselves faced with.

It’s a world where friendships are forged, enemies are made, and death awaits – ever wanting to become everyone’s new best friend.

Concealment – book one of a six part series which follows Nathanial and his fellow internees through a world of deception and lies. Where the dark underbelly of power and science meet, threatening at every turn.

Available online now through Amazon: /dp/B07FTT8PNW

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