Bach Doctor Beats - Newsletter March 2022

Bach Doctor Beats - Newsletter March 2022

5th March 2022

It's been some time, but here's an update

We've all been living through a rapidly evolving world and fingers crossed we all make it through to the other side of the pandemic. As always this newsletter will be upbeat and big on photo's: 

It was a real privilege to be part of the Murder In the Library series for the Ngaio Marsh contestants, a great night in Paraparaumu with some talented authors and Nick Ward was a great MC. A link to hear some of it is here:

We have a new author finishing her debut murder mystery novel soon and that will be out shortly. Set in the South Pacific, here's an image to whet your appetite:

And I am in the final edit of my first solo novel, Whiskey Lima Golf an espionage thriller, here's a tease:

Whiskey Lima Golf is set in the murky world of espionage where information is king and your allies are as apt to stab you in the back as your enemies.
Tom Yelich is rebuilding his life after a devastating combat injury in Afghanistan which cut short his military career. PTSD flashbacks, depression and severe nerve damage while learning to walk again complicate his recovery.
While Tom was in hospital recovering, his ex-Commanding Officer and best friend are seconded to the SIS. On his return home to live with his grandfather, Koro, his only surviving relative, Tom gets drawn into the new Indo-Pacific Cold War being played out on the streets of his home town, Wellington. The new strategic hotbed of international espionage in the modern world, where the Great Powers enact their cat and mouse games.
Building a diverse team around him, utilising his skills and contacts, Tom races to uncover the motives of agents from a foreign country. Failure will result in a major international incident that has the potential to discredit New Zealand and the United States and start another war in the Middle East.
Whiskey Lima Golf is the first book in an espionage/thriller series, weaving high stakes intrigue with personal growth and recovery as Tom navigates his way in the changing face of modern Aotearoa/New Zealand.

I'm just building some plot threads into the first novel that will flow through to the sequel. Some of the preliminary ideas for Whiskey Lima Golf are on the corkboard above.
Those eagle eyes of yours will notice a younger me in uniform, just back from exercise and cleaning up at Head Quarters, as well as some writing prompts and some of the characters.
A writer who drafts a detailed synopsis before writing is known as a 'Plotter', whereas a writer who sits at their keyboard and just writes is known as a 'pantser'.
I've got a bit more organised for the second novel, attempting a 'plotting/pantser' hybrid style of writing. Below is the sequel to Whiskey Lima Golf storyboarded, and I'm about to start writing the opening scenes.

Our authors have been very creative, Hinemura showcases her poetry and writes her blogs regularly here:
Hinemura Musings

And you can listen to the prologue of Sharks With Lipstick here:
Youtube Prologue

Below, Hinemura has been researching in the National Library on a secret project:

Mark is editing his third book in the Engelberg Records and we hope to have that ready later in the year:
Mark Author
Here is the first book in this edge of your seat series, Concealment:

The company car has had a few outings, any guesses where we are?

It's always nice to discover our books in the 'wild', let me know if you spot any in your neck of the woods - perhaps even post a photo to our social media pages 

And I'm always hunting down some great titles in some cool places

One of the mainstays of keeping my sanity has been diving into an authors richly developed world and discovering interesting and colourful characters. I miss participating in a book club and discussing all things books so decided to start an online book club via Facebook groups, 'It's a kinda bookclub' is up and running and you can find it here:

Currently, I'm working on a regular monthly day and time to meet online so we can discuss anything book related, but if you can't make the meeting, then you can always join the bookclub and post a photo of your book and a little review. 

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine at this time and we pray that peace will come soon for them, Slava Ukraini - Kia kaha Ukraine, may Tūmatauenga stand with you when you need to fight and may his brother Rongomātāne lay a blanket of peace over you all.

Ngā mihi mahana,

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